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 • Bomb Calorimeter (Isothermal Type) With Digital Bechman
Bomb calorimeter as per IP-12, Used generally to determine Calorific value & Sulphur of coal & petroleum products. This bomb calorimeter is Isothermal Type, Calorimeter vessel is made of copper, inner & outer vessel is made of stainless steel, stainless steel bomb of316 grade, capacity 300 C.C, non returning valve, electrode pole for firing, cricible holder, crucible of stainless steel, (Nickle crucible is also available), tripod stand, bomb head support, Motorized stirrer, pallet press, pressure gauge with oxygen control cock with copper pipe & socket as bomb valve, nicrome wire, Firing unit with Voltmeter & Digital display Bechman thermometer of 0.01 deg. Division.

This unit is available with N.T.H certificate, Kolkata against Charge.

  Special Firing unit of 30 Secs signaling system is available by extra cost.

  Adiabatic Bomb Calorimeter is also available with electronically control unit.